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29/03/2017 - 31/03/2017
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Best coffee in Barcelona

10/01/2017    Food and Fun

Drinking coffee while nibbling a freshly - baked croissant is a Spanish habit you won’t resist. Even if you were not a coffee fun before visiting Barcelona, you will definitely become one here. A plethora of cozy cafes and cute terraces sprung up around town, where you can read an interesting book or morning newspaper while drinking your favorite café con leche. (coffee with milk).


Coffee amateurs will definitely provide you with a long list of charming places, perfect for a morning cup. Nevertheless professional coffee drinkers constantly complain about poor quality roasts and coffees drenched in milk. So we had to use our investigative spirit to satisfy refined tastes of coffee maniacs visiting Barcelona. Beginners in coffee world should visit them too, in order not to make Café con leche too ingrained to try anything new.


Onna Café


Longing for a splendid dose of caffeine, coffee addicts of Gracia neighborhood head to Onna Cafe. The owners and coffee have a lot in common; they both come from Costa Rica which makes a good match to offer the client a great coffee experience.

Baristas perform a function of good mixologists in a cocktail bar. They intent to make the best blend exclusively for you and have different ways to infuse your brew. They also make flat whites and cold brews, in case you feel like trying something less traditional. (I do prefer straight "americano" as you may have seen on the photos)

onna americano filtered in barcelona

Unlike similar cafes, Onna is not very famous for its pastries and snacks. They do have nice selection of home - made pastries, light dishes and sandwiches, but majority don’t come here for food and stick to coffee. This is because Onna is really serious about this bitter elixir.

orange and thyme cake with cafe con leche in Onna coffee

The place itself is not big and since it is quite popular, it is usually packed. Nevertheless personnel manage to find a table for you and keep the service quite quick. Guys are not only quick in what they do, but really passionate about it, as a result what goes in your cup of coffee is effort, love and passion.

Onna coffee barcelona 

Where you can find it: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1, 08012 Barcelona


Nømad Café

Nomad Coffee Lab and Shop

Only if you are a real devotee of good coffee, you need to make an effort to find this place. Otherwise you might be really disappointed, when after looking for it for half an hour in a plexus of charming streets in the Born neighborhood you figure, that no sugar, no pastries, only damn good coffee is at your disposition.

Jordi Mestre, the owner and the barista, describes a space as a “coffee showroom” rather than café. You might guess that coffee is treated here as an art. So as you enter the place, all your coffee ignorance will be revealed as far as you intent to make an order. Fortunately, the guys will be happy to enlighten you a little bit, since they are quite knowledgeable. They will help you to distinguish among different coffee flavors and types of drinks they offer: from cold brews to coffee-lemonade combos.     

americanos in nomad coffee

The space is a coffee oasis, which turns into a venue for workshops and trainings, where coffee- making secrets and techniques are revealed. Nømad Coffee production is also a roaster, a consultant for coffee-related businesses, event organizer and, which is obvious, a coffee shop. So keep in mind, it's not a right place to open your laptop and dive into your work topics for good hour. Jst keep it straight, keep it coffee.

Jordi kindly explains that depending on the coffee and the qualities to be highlight Aeropress, V60, Kalita, French Press, Clever or cupping could be used... That was the last drop, I realized that the spot is geeked out and café con leche will never be the same again…


Where you can find it: Passatge Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona

Skye coffee CO


Skye coffee CO offers you not only great coffee experience but different approach to space. The guys brought their coffee truck to a spectacular open space called Espacio 88.   This original warehouse is a free co-working studio and also regularly hosts events such as performances and exhibitions.  


The truck itself is an iconic 1972 Citroën HY, beautifully restored to create the right setting for heavenly coffee experience. I deluded myself imagining this pretty shiny track travel through the sunny streets of Barcelona, selling delightful coffee, but no! it is illegal for food trucks to sell food (and drinks) on the streets. (What about pancakes tracks in Barceloneta then?)


A couple of words about coffee-making process: all coffees come from local coffee roasters Right Side, there is a limited selection of filter coffees and if you are attentive enough, you might notice a shiny plaque on the machine boasting “La Marzocco”. La Marzocco brand is very well known among coffee freaks and believed to be a finest espresso machine in the world.

Baristas make impression of chemists here: measuring every drop of liquid, analyzing consistency of the foam, using different jars and pitchers. What comes into your cup is a marvel of science and art complemented by milk from a local farmer (if you wanted milk of course).

The amount of joy you get, while sipping the drink (and flashing your eyes) is something you deserve; more than that: you should fetch some pastries too. A carrot cake is definitely worth trying! Or anything else! Hofmann pastries should never be neglected.

The café breathes with inspiration and creativity. Sit at the communal bench, connect to free Wi Fi, get a high quality drink and take advantage of a coffee muse.

You can even drag your caffeine-free friends; they will order  good organic tea here.


Where you can find it: Carrer de Pamplona, 88, 08018 Barcelona


Café del Gallery


May coffee freaks forgive me but I’m willing to mention this lovely café next to the Palau Robert Gardens. In fact this is just a terrace of The Gallery Hotel. I’d say more, it’s a walk-through passage from the garden to Carrer del Rossello with some scattered around tables.

 Gallery Cafe in Barcelona

But this open-air terrace with dimmed light and smooth music is so charming that you should definitely drop by for a quick coffee (or wine!) break. The choice of coffee options is not impressive (a bit broader than standard) and you might even ask why the heck this terrace is doing in this article…  I guess for the thick and creamy foam of café con leche, nuttiness of the espresso and exceptional atmosphere.

cafe con leche in Gallery


Where you can find it: Carrer del Rosselló, 249, 08008 Barcelona



Satan’s coffee Corner

satans cafe barcelona.jpg

This café, located in Gothic quarter, is a mecca for coffee lovers. Good breakfasts, a lot of light, multilingual personnel, and oodles of hipsters.


These guys take coffee as serious as the Satan, so you shall not be deceived. "No decafs, no sugar, no bullshit", says their motto. And let's give them some credit, it works so well. Ask for americano!

Satan's cafe interior  

By the way, I have already mentioned this place in the article about Gothic quarter, so if you want to know more, you can check it too.


Where you can find it: Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11, 08002


Here's the map where I pinned all these places for your convenience



I must admit, I'm not a coffee expert just a humble hedonist who seeks for best experiences. I did my best to make this review relevant for those who can’t imagine their lives without a good cup of coffee. Hopefully, I succeeded!  Energize with good coffee to explore other pleasant experiences.


Yours, JT